What is Youthglide

Youthglide QLD was formed in 2018 on the basis of bringing together passionate and motivated secondary students, in an attempt to provide them with exposure to the wonderful sport of gliding. 

Why Youthglide?

Gliding Queensland have identified an opportunity for the next generation of gliding pilots to experience their first taste of flight. As such, we want to create experiences for high school students they will never forget. The minimum age to pilot a glider solo in Australia is 15, allowing students to be in command of their very own aircraft while still attending high school. Training and solo pilots need a support network of similar age and interests which are often not available in their clubs. Young role models are needed to enhance the new junior pilots’ enjoyment and progress. 

Our Aims

Youthglide QLD aims to provide a safe and positive networking environment for students of all levels of flying ability, in addition to fostering the development of Junior pilots from first solo to their Glider Pilot Certificate (GPC) and beyond.