YouthGlide Qld at Kingaroy

Information Pack


YouthGlide Queensland is holding a 6-day Juniors’ week at Kingaroy Soaring Club from the 19th-24th of September 2021, which will entail a week of flying and having lots of fun with your mate.  The week is suitable for all levels of Junior pilots from early instruction to very experienced.  The week is targeted to14-18 year-olds but all Juniors can participate.

How the camp will run

For the start of the camp, you can arrive the night before, or on the day but must be there for the briefing.

Briefing will be at 9 am everyone must be there if they want to fly if you’re not there you can’t fly.

Please be up helping everyone get the gliders out and ready for the day before briefing.

After briefing we will split into two groups:

Pre/post solo group will have a group talk, creating a plan for the day and then start flying.

Cross country trainers and pilots will talk about the task and have a short lecture on cross country flying then get ready for the flight and take the glider out to the runway.

Once flying operations have finished, everyone needs to help wash and put every glider and tow plane away.  Then everyone can start relaxing and socialising

If we are going to a local pub, we will leave at 6.30pm, giving people time to get change and relax before dinner; if we are not going to a pub, you can have dinner whenever you want after all gliders are away.

This will all be communicated in a group chat each day.

Please bring proof of your current GFA and club membership.

Accommodation / facilities

Kingaroy soaring club has a bunkhouse a few hundred metres down the road where there are all the basic essentials – Showers, beds and that’s about it. You will need to bring your own bedding and pillows

People will be organised into rooms so that they are around people their own age. Parents are more than welcome to come just please will out the google form for them too.

If people want to camp, there is an area where you can set up your tents and things.


The plan with food will be to bring your own food for 3 dinners and the other 3 days we will go to one of the many local pubs.  You will need to bring lunch and snacks for the whole camp. If there are a lot of people wanting a $10 breakfast (bacon, eggs and a hash brown), we will decide and communicate to everyone if this is happening closer to the date, if not bring your own breakfast.  The Kingaroy club house kitchen has a small fridge that you can use for small amounts of food like milk, etc. If you are bringing lots of frozen food, please bring your own Esky.


We will have access to the following Kingaroy gliders:

Two seaters

  • DG 1001 VH-GKY

Single seaters

  • Astir CS77 (club standard) VH-KYY

For more information of the Kingaroy gliders see their website.

If you want to be Pilot in Command of a Kingaroy glider, you must meet the requirements set out in the Kingaroy standard operating procedures

David Jansen has an Arcus T (VH-GDV) which he will be taking people up in for some cross-country coaching.


The Kingaroy soaring club bunkhouse cost $10 per night

Camping/ tenting cost $5 per night

Cost will vary for each flight and which glider you are flying

The following table is the juniors rate for each glider.

GliderCost Per Hour
Arcus T (VH-GDV)Just the cost of the tow
Duo Discus (VH-KDX)$36
DG 1001 (VH-GKY)$30
Discus CS (XKE/XKD)$24
Astir (KYY)$18

Maximum charge, 3 hours

Tows are $20 minimum to 1,000 feet and then $2.00 per 100 feet thereafter

Code of Conduct

YouthGlide has a code of conduct you must comply with and sign off acknowledgement at the first Briefing.  Those who breach the code of conduct will be sent home.

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